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I’m Living a Lie! Mary Jones was an innocent woman, she didn’t want trouble. As a single mother having to work two jobs to support herself and her daughter, she was already pushing through the daily grind. Sleep deprivation led her to cross paths with a dangerous crime lord. After a heartless violation, Mary is forced to enhance herself in order to appear more attractive, being blackmailed into a new, undignified profession. Her new life will be extravagant and apathetic, but how can she lea… , , , , ,
The Black Garden, A Catalog Of Our Services: Pink Carnations [The Black Garden, A Catalog Of Our Services: Pink Carnations] The Black Garden is a privately funded and operated correctional facility with a secondary function, to assist in the rehabilitation of inmates back into modern society aided by body modification and psychological conditioning. Without the restrictions and oversight required by either the government or public sector, bleeding edge human experimentation is once again pos… , , , , , ,