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iMaster, Episode 1

When Frankie discovers an extremely powerful app, he thinks it might be the answer to all of his problems. But how long can he keep the app a secret? And what will his friends do when they discover that his phone can edit a person's body and mind?

A 19 page transformation comic.
Written by Blankage. Illustrated and Colored by PortalComic.

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Explorer Gobo

Gobo the Goblin finally reached the summit of Demon's Edge, where a sacred relic of the past laid at rest. Who could resist examining the find of a lifetime? Better yet, who would have thought that the artifact still contained a remnant of its previous owner?

A completely original story to start our Patreon with.

9 Pages!
Written/Illustrated by sidneyanders.

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Spells ‘R Us: Visual Aid

A high school girl wanders around her hometown to find that a Spells ‘R Us recently opened in the area. She goes in and starts browsing to eventually find an empty art canvas. The shopkeeper inside informs her that the canvas is extremely unstable, but of course the warning is not heeded.

Arriving at home the self-conscious girl illustrates herself on the canvas in a more than favorable hand, and awakens the next day to find that she looks just like her painting. Later in the day, her younger brother finds the painting and makes some edits, drawing inspiration from his fapmaterial.

Another transformation occurs again the next day and the young girl’s efforts to revert back to normal are foiled, as there is always a dangerous side to magic.

23 Pages!
Written by _aliased, and Illustrated/Colored by lycra.

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I'm Living a Lie!

Mary Jones didn’t want any trouble. As a single mother having to work two jobs to support herself and her daughter, she was already pushing through the daily grind. Sleep deprivation led her to cross paths with a dangerous crime lord. After a heartless violation, Mary is forced to enhance herself in order to appear more attractive, being blackmailed into a new, undignified profession. Her new life will be extravagant and apathetic, but how can she leave her old life, filled with love?

23 Pages, PLUS additional concept artwork!
Written by _aliased, Illustrated by Little Boy, Colored by M. W.

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Taming of the Dude

We're back with a brand new title, Taming of the Dude, written by Blankage and illustrated by AutumnNatural!

It's a TG comic about a boy who is forced to play a woman in a high school play and gets more caught up in the role than he would have ever thought possible.

20 Pages!
Written by Blankage, and Illustrated/Colored by AutumnNatural.

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Shower Room Surprise

Three high-school boys have been using an air vent to spy on their female classmates as they shower. Little do they know that one of the girls is a powerful sorceress who doesn’t appreciate being disrespected. She casts a spell on the boys that makes them question not only the wisdom of voyeurism, but their their very manhood.

The first Healthy Fetish release!
21 Pages!
Written by Blankage, and Illustrated/Colored by Witchking00.

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Free Content


Here's one that's from back back back in 1999!
This is from bobby, best known for his AP works, but he occasionally dabbled in TG stuff, as well!

A white man transforms into a black woman.

Commissioned by Blankage
13 Pages!
Written by bobby, and Illustrated/Colored by blackshirtboy.

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In Production / Coming Soon

The Black Garden, A Catalog Of Our Services: Pink Carnations

The Black Garden is a privately funded and operated correctional facility with a secondary function, to assist in the rehabilitation of inmates back into modern society aided by body modification and psychological conditioning. Without the restrictions and oversight required by either the government or public sector, bleeding edge human experimentation is once again possible…

Written by _aliased, Illustrated/Colored by Sarath.

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The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl, Volume 1

A comic about a teen sidekick who puberty hit like a truck.

It's the “Golden Age” where truth and justice always prevail thanks to the Comic Code. Silver Queen and her sidekick Golden Girl are the defenders of Platinum City with their quick wits, quips, and acrobatics. However, some big changes have recently come rolling in with Golden Girl on the cups of womanhood.

Written/Illustrated by sidneyanders.
Pages colored by Phibbz, Cover colored by Nahp.

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About Healthy Fetish

healthy (adj.): the state of being free from illness or injury
fetish (n.): a strong and unusual need or desire for something

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Transformation and TG connoisseur.

Read more on his bio here:
Blankage's Page


Futanari and Body Modification connoisseur.

Read more on his bio here:
_aliased's Page

There is a lot of fetish content being produced with little to no heart involved with getting it into the public's hands. We thought, that if we were able to provide content that we as consumers would like, you would too!
We both have a relatively strong Pregnancy and Breast Expansion fetish, and enjoy buying videos from Clips4Sale. In addition, _aliased really enjoys Transsexual artwork and performers, while Blankage also continues to be active in the Age Progression fetish.