Spells ‘R Us: Visual Aid

A high school girl wanders around her hometown to find that a Spells ‘R Us recently opened in the area. She goes in and starts browsing to eventually find an empty art canvas. The shopkeeper inside informs her that the canvas is extremely unstable, but of course the warning is not heeded.

Arriving at home the self-conscious girl illustrates herself on the canvas in a more than favorable hand, and awakens the next day to find that she looks just like her painting. Later in the day, her younger brother finds the painting and makes some edits, drawing inspiration from his fapmaterial.

Another transformation occurs again the next day and the young girl’s efforts to revert back to normal are foiled, as there is always a dangerous side to magic.

23 Pages!
Written by _aliased, and Illustrated/Colored by lycra.

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A Sneak Peek at our protagonist's First transformation
illustrated by oNichaN-xD.
A Sneak Peek at our protagonist's Second transformation
illustrated by oNichaN-xD.