iMaster, Episode 1

When Frankie discovers an extremely powerful app, he thinks it might be the answer to all of his problems. But how long can he keep the app a secret? And what will his friends do when they discover that his phone can edit a person's body and mind?

A 19 page transformation comic.
Written by Blankage. Illustrated and Colored by PortalComic.

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iMaster, Episode 1 Cover
iMaster, Episode 1 Preview

What did people say about iMaster, Episode 1?

Excellent art and storytelling, interesting plot, and I'm eager to see how it continues to unfold.
A highly recommended purchase, in my opinion.
You got an interesting story line.
Beware there are force who want the power and not for good, so beware. Can't wait to see where this goes.
It is well worth the money.
Bought and not disappointed! Can't wait for chapter 2, I hope :-)